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Berger - Bullets 30CAL 185GR VLD Target item# 30413

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Berger - VLD Target Bullets 30 Caliber, 0.308" Diameter 210 Grain Match Grade ITEM # 30715 500/Box

Berger - Hybrid Target Bullets 7mm Caliber, .284" Diameter 180 Grain Match Grade ITEM # 28707 500/Box

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Berger Hybrid bullets are designed to achieve extreme accuracy for competitive and recreational target shooters. Berger Hybrid bullets combine a tangent ogive with a secant ogive to produce the highest possible with the least sensitivity to seating depth. This allows the reloader to take full advantage of the best features of both designs.

Technical Information
Caliber: 284 Caliber, 7mm
Bullet Diameter: .284"
Bullet Weight: 180 Grains
Bullet Length: 1.529"
Bullet Style: Hybrid Target Hollow Point Boat Tail
Recommended Barrel Twist: 1 in 9" or faster

Ballistics Information:
Sectional Density: 0.319
Ballistics Coefficient: 0.674

More Information
Grain and Shot Size180