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Bullet Proof - Barnes Tipped TSX BT, 30 CAL, 130gr, 12pk, Item# BC.350

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Hornady - 7MM 154 GR SST, Item #28302, 100/Box

Bullet Proof - Nosler Ballistic Tip, 25CAL, 115Gr, Item# Bp25115

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right bullet.
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Nosler Ballistic Tip Bullets combine the accuracy of a hollow point match bullet with the game taking performance of a Solid Base hunting bullets. The tough polycarbonate tip provides an extremely pointed nose for a higher ballistic coefficient, but it also serves to initiate expansion upon impact and protects against bullet tops damage during recoil in magazine fed rifles


Caliber: 25 Cal

Weight: 115gr.

Twist: RRP: 

Diam 0.257"

SKU: BP25115

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Grain and Shot Size115