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CCI - 22 LR SEGMENTED HP 32 GR HP Item#64 500/Box

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Winchester - Super-X Power Point, 22LR 40 Grain, Power Point, Copper Plated, 1280 FPS, Item #X22LRPP1, 100/Box

CCI - 17 HM2 17GR V-MAX, Item #48, 500/Box

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For over half a century CCI has been producing the undeniably, undisputedly best small caliber rimfire ammunition in the world. With unparalleled quality and flawless performance, CCI has solidified their position at the very top of the rimfire market. Ask anyone that shoots small caliber rimfire which ammo is the best and you will find there is only one answer, CCI. Pick up some CCI and see for yourself why this is the Best small caliber target and hunting ammunition that money can buy. 

CCI Varmint Rimfire Ammunition 0048
.17 Hornady Mach 2 (.17 HM2)
17 Grain Polymer V-Max Projectile 
Explosive Expansion On Game
Bottlenecked Stinger Case
Sub-MOA Accuracy
Brass Cased
Clean Burning Propellants
Sure-Fire CCI Priming
Muzzle Velocity 2010 fps
Muzzle Energy 152 ft/lbs.
Uses: Varmint Hunting and Small Game

More Information
Calibre.17 Hornady Mach 2
Grain and Shot Size17