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Federal - Fusion 224 Valkyrie, 90 Grain, Item #F224VLKMSR1, 20/Box

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HSM - 350 REM MAG, 200 Grain Barnes TSX Lead Free, Item #HSM-350RMAG-4LF-N, 20/Box

Federal - Trophy Copper 338 Lapua Mag, 250 Grain, Item #P338LTC1, 20/Box

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Must hold a valid firearms license and be at least 18 years of age

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Get pinpoint accuracy, superior penetration and aggressive expansion in a copper, polymer-tipped bullet with the Trophy® Copper. The projectile provides flat trajectories and tremendous downrange performance on everything from antelope to moose.

- Copper-alloy construction provides up to 99 percent weight retention for the deepest penetration in an expanding bullet
- Tipped bullet cavity is optimized for expansion across a broad velocity range
- Grooved bullet shank for superb accuracy across a wide range of firearms
- Polymer tip and boat-tail design increase the ballistic coefficient for high downrange velocity and energy, with minimal bullet drop

- Caliber: 338 Lapua Magnum
- Bullet Weight: 250
- Bullet Style : Trophy Copper
- Muzzle Velocity : 2850
- Ballistic Coefficient: .625
- Bullet Length In: 1.687in. / 42.85mm
- Terminal Performance Minimum Velocity : 1800
- Package Quantity : 20
- Usage : Big Game

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Calibre.338 Lapua Magnum
Grain and Shot Size250