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Federal - 30-30 Win 150 Grain Barnes TSX, Item #P3030G

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Federal - 7mm Rem Mag, 160 Grain Barnes TZX, Item #P7RN, 20/Box

Federal - Vital Shok 30-30 Win, 170 Grain Nosler Partition, Item #P3030D, 20/Box

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Must hold a valid firearms license and be at least 18 years of age

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This Federal Power-Shok is a great value in hunting ammo in a classic cartridge: the .30-30 Winchester. It's loaded with a 170 Grain Nosler Partition bullet which it launches at 2200 fps. It's an ideal choice for white tail deer.

It all begins with Nosler's fully tapered copper alloy jacket. This jacket is designed to rupture instantly at the thin jacket mouth, yet the gradual thickening along the bullet's axis controls expansion and curls the jacket uniformly outward at high or low velocities. The dual-core construction of the Partition coupled with the special lead-alloy core provides superior mushrooming characteristics at virtually all impact velocities.

Muzzle velocity: 2200 fps
Velocity at 100 yards: 1894 fps
Velocity at 200 yards: 1619 fps
Muzzle energy: 1827 ft/lbs
Energy at 100 yards: 1354 ft/lbs
Energy at 200 yards: 990 ft/lbs

More Information
Calibre.30-30 Winchester
Grain and Shot Size170