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HEVI Hevi-Snow, 12 Gauge, 3", 1-1/4 ounce, 1 Shot Size, 1500fps, Item #2001H, 25/Box

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Federal Shorty Shotshell, 12 Gauge, 1-3/4", 15 Pellet, 4 Buck, 1200FPS, Item #SH129 4B

HEVI Hevi-Snow 12 Gauge, 3-1/2", 1 13/8 ounce, 1 Shot Size, 1550 fps, Item# 25001, 25/Box

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Cartridge  12 Gauge
Quantity  25 Round
Shell Length  3.5"
NonToxic  Yes
Shot or Slug Type  Hevi-Steel
Shot Size  #1
Buffered  No
Muzzle Velocity  1550 Feet Per Second
Lead Free  Yes
Primer  Boxer
Corrosive  No
Reloadable  Yes
Barrel Type  Smooth Bore
Shot Weight  1-3/8 Ounce
Crimp  6-Point Star 

More Information
Calibre12 Gauge
Grain and Shot Size1