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Hoppe's - Bench Rest 9 Copper Solvent, 150ml, Item #BR904CN

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Hoppe's - 9 Gun Bore Cleaner, 150ml, Item #904CN

Hoppe's - Gun Cleaning Patches Caliber: .270 - .35 Pack Size:500

The most trusted name in gun care

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For over 100 years, Hoppe's has earned the reputation as "The Gun Care People." Whether you're on a trophy elk or a competition medal is on the line, complete concentration and unswerving accuracy are absolutely necessary to make every critical shot. At the moment of truth, a shooter requires total confidence that his gun will perform precisely-time after time-the perfect extension of the shooter's will. With that in mind, Hoppe's designs their products to satisfy extraordinary demands. Their cleaners and lubricants are formulated with distinctive ingredients and tested to perform under extremes of weather and temperature. So, while you might not always be sighting in on an antelope on a hot, dusty Wyoming prairie, it's nice to know your gun could handle it if you needed it to.

Specifications and Features:
Hoppe's Cleaning Patches
.27-.35 Caliber
Uniformly woven patches