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Tikka T3x Hunter Bolt Action Rifle, 300WIN, 24.3" Fluted Barrel, Wood Stock, Item #TFTT3386103

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HS Precision Pro Series 2000 SA, 270WSM, 24" Barrel, Thumbhole, Black with Yellow Spiderweb Synthetic Stock, Item #21-37611

HS Precision Pro Series 2000 SA, 325WSM, 24" Barrell w/ Muzzle Break, Fluted Barrel, Grey with Black/White Spiderweb Synthetic Stock, Item #21-37613

Engineered for Accuracy

Must hold a valid firearms license and be at least 18 years of age

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There is not a firearm manufacturer in the world today that builds a more accurate and reliable rifle than H-S Precision.  Why?  Simple, at H-S Precision we have engineered and designed every component specifically for our rifles.    We build our own chamber reamers, rifling heads, tooling fixtures, dies, mandrels, molds, and everything else we need to make the above statement true.  We build our own actions, barrels, triggers, bolts, and stocks.  We control every aspect of our production facility and we never have to rely on someone else to supply us with a component that may not meet our quality control standards.  If you look at most custom or semi-custom rifle manufacturers they simply put aftermarket components together.  They start with an action, install an aftermarket stock, barrel, trigger, and call it their rifle.  By building every component in house we can ensure precision, H-S Precision!   

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Calibre.325 Winchester Short Magnum