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Katz - Hudson’s Bay Axe Dakota Series 36” German Style Splitting Axe, Item #AX-LS

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CRKT - Woods Kangee Tomahawk 1055 Carbon Steel with Tennessee Hickory Handle Item #2735

Katz - Hudson’s Bay Axe Dakota Series 26” Hunters Axe, Item #AX-26

High quality knives, axes and accessories

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Steel: Axe heads are forged from 1060 Carbon steel, tempered to 55-57 Rockwell C scale.
Sheaths: All axes include a 7 – 8 oz hand sewn and riveted saddle leather sheath with belt carry loop. 20″ and smaller models feature a quick swing Sheath™ that freely pivots the axe on your belt For maximum comfort. All sheaths are stamped with their respective model number on the backside.
Axe Heads: All axes come in a ageless hand hammered classic finish.
Handles: Handles are selected from USA Tennessee Hickory and selected for proper grain and orientation, specially assembled for the maximum comfort and durability. Hand rubbed with the highest quality oil.