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RCBS ** 3-DIE SET .45-70 US GOV'T, Item #20904

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Lee * Precision 9mm Luger Deluxe Carbide 4 Die Set Item # 90963

Lee * Precision .30 Carbine Carbide 3 Die Set Item#90626

Lee Precision .30 Carbine Carbide 3 Die Set Item#90626

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Lee Precision Carbide Pistol Die sets share the same quality standards as their pacesetter rifle die counterparts, and include all of the same extras. The biggest difference is that the carbide dies require no lubricant when resizing the brass, and a powder through expander die is included. All of the usual extras from lee are included - Powder dipper, load data with instructions, and shell holder.

Carbide Sizing Die
Powder Through Expander Die
Seating and Crimping Die
Powder dipper
Instructions and load data
Shell Holder
Storage case
.30 Carbine

More Information
Calibre.30 Carbine