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Legacy Sports - Howa 1500 Detachable Magazine, 6.5X55, 5Rnd, Item #ATIM10R65X55

Legacy Sports for all Your Conversion Kits and Spare Magazines


Legacy Sports International detachable box magazine is designed to fit with Howa 1500 actions which have the ammo boost advantage floor plate or ammo boost magazine kit already installed. Always keep a spare magazine on hand either for faster reloading at the range or in the field. This magazine is a factory magazine which has been built to exacting specifications and proper tolerances to ensure excellent fit and operation. The magazine features a polymer construction with a matte black finish

Howa 1500 Long Action Rifles


10 Rounds

Specifications and Features:
Legacy Sports International 
Detachable Box Magazine
10 Rounds
Polymer Construction
Matte Black Finish


More Information
6.5×55mm Swedish
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