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LEM Backwoods Flavor Enhancers Encapsulated Citric Acid 3oz.

LEM Backwoods Flavor Enhancers Trehalose 6oz.

For 25 Pounds of Meat

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What is it?

Backwoods Trehalose is a natural sugar, with a mild sweet flavor and the same calorie count as sugar. It also is a natural antioxidant. It is used as a flavor enhancer for gamey meat and fish.

Why should I use it?

Trehalose improves the flavor of food by taking the 'WILD' out of game, the 'FISHY' out of fish and the 'FOWL' out of turkey. It also helps eliminate "Freezer Flavor". When making sausage, Trehalose helps retain water and reduce shrinkage while preserving the texture of food and protecting it from drying out.

How do I use it?

6 oz. per 25 lbs. of meat or 1 1/2 teaspoons per pound of meat.

Directions for Use:

Fresh Sausage: Add to the meat with other seasonings and water.
Cured Sausage: Add after meat has been mixed with the seasoning and cure.
Pumping Brine: Add 1 tablespoon Trehalose per quart of brine.
Fish: Mix water with Trehalose at a ratio of 10:1 and cover or freeze the fish in the solution.

Trehalose can also be lightly sprinkled directly onto fish or meat.