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UTG - Single Point Tactical Sling, Black Item # PVC-GB505B-A

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Butler Creek - Alaskan Magnum Comfort Stretch Rifle Sling, Black, Item #81033

Limbsaver - Kodiak-lite Rifle Sling, Black, item #12137

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LimbSaver's proprietary NAVCOM material helps to evenly distribute the weight of the firearm over a larger area, so that your shoulder will not fatigue even after long term use. These first in the industry innovative features, with unsurpassed LimbSaver quality, make the new Kodiak Hi Grade Rifle/Crossbow Sling the best in the business today! LimbSaver Kodiak-Lite Firearm/Crossbow Sling offers first in the industry innovations: New lightweight design with integrated NAVCOM Hand Grip providing absolute comfort and firearm control. NAVCOM material ensure the firearm stays put and is ergonomically designed for right and left hand use.

Specifications and Features:
Integrated NAVCOM hand grip
Lightweight contour design
Reduces shoulder fatigue
Provides maximum comfort
Non-slip NAVCOM comfort
High end quality craftsmanship
Designed for right or left hand use
4000+ lbs strength nylon webbing
NAVCOM comfort technology

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