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Rapala - Classic Birch Gut Hook Knife with Leather Sheath, 4", Item #CBGH4

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Cuda Fillet Knife & Sheath, 9" Titanium Item #18143

Rapala - Classic Birch Skinner Knife with Leather Sheath 4.5" Item #CBS45

The wiggle fish can’t resist

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Part of the Classic Birch Hunting Knife collection, the Skinner knife was designed for skinning game. It features a narrow tip with a wide curved belly which allows a running sweep for quick and accurate skinning. Spine side cutting edge allows precise work in tight corners.



  • Heavy duty ideal for skinning game
  • Curved blade with narrow tip ideal for tight work
  • Razor-sharp blade of German 420 Stainless Steel
  • Classic Rapala birch handle
  • Through tang construction
  • Genuine leather sheath with belt loop
  • Molded one-piece scabbard for safe storage