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WEATHERBY - 416 WBY 400GR A-Square, Monolithic Solid, item # TH1742

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Federal - .44 Special 200 grain Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point, Item #C445A 20/Box

Remington - HTP Copper 22-250 High Terminal Performance Centerfire Rifle Ammunition, 2-250 REM, 50 Grain Barnes TSX Boat Tail, Item #HTP2250R1, 20/Box


Must hold a valid firearms license and be at least 18 years of age

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Remington's new line of High Terminal Performance or HTP Copper as it is known was developed to provide you with the ultimate in stopping power. Starting off this load is the use of the Barnes TSX or Triple-Shock X projectile. This lead free, solid copper hollow point projectile offers devastating penetration on wild game animals. Additionally the TSX offers you a sleek profile and superior aerodynamics for flat predictable trajectories. There is no denying that the Barnes TSX projectile is precision engineered to deploy its cutting petals upon impact with your target. The Barnes Lead Free projectile will inflict enormous damage along with deep penetration while retaining nearly 100% of the initial bullet grain weight. Don't let dinner pass you by, pick up a box of Remington HTP Copper today.

Remington HTP (High Terminal Performance) Copper Ammunition Specifications and Features:

  • Remington HTP2250R1/27726
  • .22-250 Remington
  • 50 Grain Barnes Triple-Shock X (TSX) Boat Tail Projectile
  • Solid Copper Hollow Point
  • Lead Free
  • Brass Cased
  • Boxer Primed
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Reloadable
  • Muzzle Velocity 3830 fps
  • Muzzle Energy 1628 ft/lbs
  • Uses: Hunting Game, Target Shooting, and Plinking
More Information
Calibre.22-250 Remington
Grain and Shot Size50