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Remington ** Premier 243win, 90 Grain, Swift Scirocco Bonded, 3120fps, Item #PRSC243WA, 20/Box

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Remington ** UMC .223 Remington, 55 Grain, FMJ, Item #L223R3BP, 1000/Box

Remington ** Premier 300 Remington Ultra Mag, 150 Grain Scirocco Bonded, Item #PR300UM5, 20/Box


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A breakthrough line of big game ammunition that combines many of the best performance features developed over the last half century. The remarkable Swift Scirocco Bonded bullet which combines polymer tip ballistics with weight retention is unquestionably the most advanced polymer tipped bullet ever to sit atop a factory load. Of course, our precision loading process, using the finest available components, ensures that its delivered with quality unmatched by any other brand.

The Scirocco cut away shows how the unique combined design features make our new Premier Scirocco line some of the most versatile and reliable big game ammunition offered today. The expansion generating polymer tip and the boat tail base combine to defy air resistance at the front end, and reduce drag at the back. The progressively thickening, heavy based, pure copper jacket is bonded to the lead core to preserve bullet integrity and retain over 75% of its weight at all velocities. Finally, the bullets precise concentricity and secant ogive nose profile produce accuracy you would be proud of in match competition.

Muzzle velocity: 3450 fps
Velocity at 100 yards: 3208 fps
Velocity at 300 yards: 2762 fps
Muzzle energy: 3964 ft/lbs
Energy at 100 yards: 3427 ft/lbs
Energy at 300 yards: 2541 ft/lbs
Uses: Deer, Medium, Large Game

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Calibre.300 Remington Ultra Magnum
Grain and Shot Size150