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Wapsi Deluxe Fly Tying Starter Kit Item #KITW2

Rio Products AgentX Line Dressing 1 Ounce

Rio Products AgentX Line Dressing

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he AgentX Line Dressing is specifically formulated to enhance the performance of all modern fly lines. Treated lines will cast farther, remain clean longer and float higher than untreated lines. Rio’s proprietary AgentX formulation features lubricants used in the new AgentX lines that will keep the line slick and clean longer than competitors' dressings.

The Agent X Line Dressing is a solution that both cleans and lubricates the line. The dressing is water based solution of cleaners, silicon and imulsified teflon particles. After the dressing is applied, allowed to dry then buffed, the teflon particles bond to the fly line coating and the silicone molecules migrate to the teflon particles to increase the slickness of the line.

  • Easy to apply with a soft cloth
  • Allow 30 minutes or so to dry before buffing off
  • QUANTITY:  1 ounce