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Rocky Mtn Hunting Calls - Conntender Call, Item #C2

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Rocky Mtn Hunting Calls - Mammoth Moose Call, Item #601

Rocky Mtn Hunting Calls - All-Star Tope Tone Diaphragm Call, Item #C1

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This call was designed by World Champion callers, Rockie and Corey Jacobsen. It was designed to be very versatile. It makes a nice variety of cow/calf talk as well as a great array of bugles.

A collaboration of designs by World Champion Elk Callers Rockie and Corey Jacobsen, the “ALL-STAR” Tone Top Diaphragm creates the most realistic, easy-to-obtain elk sounds with ease.  This is an Elk tone top diaphragm.

The “Slotted Dome TST” elk diaphragm call is designed to be placed further forward in your mouth, behind your front teeth, this helps to prevent gagging and gives you easier control of the latex. To operate the call, place the “Slotted Dome” upwards to the roof of your mouth, latex down and open end of the diaphragm towards the front of your mouth.

Color Green

Material Latex

Species Elk

Number of Reeds 1