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Redington Rise 5/6 Reel Silver Item #5-5508R5602

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Redington Zero Reel 4/5 WT Avocado Item #5-5507R45V

Sage Click Fly Spool 4/5/6WT Stealth Item #323-C7SST

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Sage Click 4/5/6 Spare Spools fit the Sage Click 4/5/6 Fly Reel. The Sage Click 4/5/6 Spare Spool is perfect if you already own, or are purchasing the Sage Click 4/5/6 Fly Reel and want to use your reel on two different outfits, or you want a different fly line, such as a sink tip or full sinking fly line to adapt to changing fishing conditions. This product is the Spare Spool only.