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Sako Optilock Base, Extended, Sako 85 (M-L), 75 (IV-V), Item #S1A067761

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Sako Optilock Ring, 30mm Medium Blued, Item #S1300964

Sako Optilock Ring, 1" Medium Blued, Item #S1300961

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The Tikka/Sako Optilock rings are precision machined out of solid steel to ensure exceptional mating with the integral receiver tapered scope mount rails. This allows for an optimal scope alignment. The Optilock ring mounts come in clamshell packaged pairs and a hex key is included. Optilock rings come in two type of tube diameters both 1" and 30mm are available. You will find the rings come in four major heights Extra low, Low, Medium, and High. Ensure that you select the right height based on your particular scope.

Specifications and Features:
Tikka/Sako Optilock Scope Rings S1300961
1" Tube Diameter
Medium Height
Blue finish