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United Cutlery - Marine Force Recon Sawback 11-1/2" Bowie Knife, Item #UC2863

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United Cutlery - Gill Hibben 12" 3 Piece Competition Throwing Knife Set, Item #GH2033

United Cutlery - M48 Hawk Harpoon, Item #UC2971

Stronger – Sharper

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This M48 Hawk Harpoon knife features a razor-sharp blade that will slice through anything like butter, and a tip that will penetrate practically any target effortlessly. The wicked curve of this powerful blade allows it to be used for a variety of purposes. Lashing holes allow you to attach this harpoon knife to a wooden rod or stick, making an excellent harpoon or spear that can be used for hunting, fishing, and much more. Crafted of one solid piece of rock-hard AUS-6 stainless steel with a black oxide coating, this harpoon knife won’t bend or break, and will stand up to tough, repeated use. The rubberized sheath will house this harpoon knife securely and protect you from its razor-sharp blade when not in use. Measures 8-1/4" overall.