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Boker Plus Tomahook Item #09BO110

UST Parahatchet FS, Orange, Item #20-02227-08

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The UST ParaHatchet FS has a thick stainless steel blade with black-oxide finish, a flint fire starter and multi-sized hex wrenches that can be safely accessed with the sheath in place. The paracord handle unwraps to about 8 feet of cordage.

    Quick-action rope cutter on back of blade
    Magnesium fire starter fire starter included inside protective nylon sheath
    Use blade to create sparks in all weather conditions
    Multi-sized hex wrenches (3/8", 9/16", and 11/16")


    Overall Length: 9.7"
    Head Width: 3.5"
    Edge Length: 4"
    Handle Length: 4.5"
    Blade Thickness: 0.75"
    Weight: 10 oz.