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Yukon Magnum - Bear Deterrent, 325g, item #325YM

Yukon Magnum - Bear Deterrent, 225g, Item #225YM

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Each unit of YUKON MAGNUM™ releases a cone shape spray pattern, slightly narrower than competitor brands. The mist fans out wider, the further it sprays. The benefit? The narrower spray pattern has greater force to project the spray.

Contains 1% Capsaicin plus related Capsaicinoids of 0.72% = Total 1.72%*
Strongest formulation permitted by Health Canada
Spray distance of over 20 feet
5 seconds of spray time in the 225g model
Non Flammable
Non Toxic, environmentally friendly, non ozone depleting
Safety clip is fastened to head of can: for ease of removal and can be reattached
Proudly assembled in Canada