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WolverineGT Online Auctions


The Rules regarding all WolverineGT Live Auctions are simple ...
If you are the Highest Bidder on any Item once the Timer expires, you WIN that Item for the Price you BID *
All Auction Winners are sent an eMail. If you do not receive a "You Have Won" eMail, you did not Win.
You can view the last 15 Auctions, all placed Bids, and the Winning Bids HERE.
All Auction Items have been priced at $9999.99 so that they can NOT be Purchased, only Auctioned.
All Winners are responsible for GST and all Shipping charges where applicable.
Make Winning an Auction easier and Check out the New Automatic Bid Feature HERE.
Please make sure to BID ONLY if you have READ and AGREE to our Terms & Conditions ... Good Luck !!!

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